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Research topics in the Garden Group

Our research combines different fields of chemistry including organometallic synthesis, catalyst development and sustainable polymer materials. Our work focuses on the development of homogeneous catalyst systems for the polymerisation of renewable feedstocks. We are particularly interested in the design of synergic  heterometallic  catalysts that display enhanced activities and selectivities.

While societal reliance on plastics is continuously increasing, only a small proportion of synthetic polymers are produced sustainably and most rely on diminishing petrochemical feedstocks. Two possible solutions involve the use of renewable monomers and the design of more efficient catalyst systems. In our lab, we focus on both aspects and work towards development of novel polymerisation catalysts for renewable monomers such as carbon dioxide. Specifically, we take advantage of the ligand design, and the emerging concept of bimetallic and heterometallic cooperativity, to produce new catalysts and sustainable polymer materials.

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