Eszter Fazekas

Eszter completed her PhD in January 2019. Before that she finished her BSc and MSc degrees in Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology in Hungary. She became a part of the Garden group in March 2017 to work on new catalyst systems for ring opening polymerisation.


In her freetime she enjoys eating and playing with her hedgehog, Rozi.

Jibing Sheng
Gabija Navickaite

Jibing Sheng completed his BSc in Polymer Materials in 2017 from Shanghai University. There is a sense of adventure in his spirit and that drove him to the University of Edinburgh where he finished his MSc degree in Materials Chemistry. From June to August in 2018, he spent an enjoyable time with Jenni’s Group. His project was to prepare an aluminium-coordinated salen ligand bearing quaternary ammonium groups for synthesizing stereoselective polylactide acid (PLA).


Jibing is a fan of classical guitar and likes to play football, basketball and PC games in his spare time.

Gabija Navickaite completed her MChem at the University of Edinburgh in 2018. She joined the Garden team after completing an industrial placement year with Cytec Solvay in Connecticut, CT, where she worked as a R&D chemist with hydroxamated polyacrylamide flocculants for the Bayer process. In her Master’s research project, she investigated into aluminium-based salen complexes as catalysts for the ring-opening copolymerisation of various monomers with carbon dioxide.


Her favourite free-time hobbies are yoga, good food and road trips.

Emma Stirling

Emma has completed her final year research project with the Garden group as part of her MChem at the University of Edinburgh in 2018. During her degree Emma was also able to experience a year abroad in Lille, France where she worked with Prof. Marc Visseaux and Dr. Yohan Champouret on the copolymerisation of polyesters with rare earth complexes. Her masters research project involved the synthesis of aluminium salen complexes for the polymerisation of various monomers. 


In her free time, Emma enjoys going to the pub, working on her hockey skills and occasionally the gym.

Jane Panisanun Kulvaranon

Jane obtained her BSc degree in chemistry from Mahidol University International College in Thailand. She decided to pursue her Master's Degree in Materials Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. She joined the Garden Group in summer 2017 for her PGT research project, which was based on the design, synthesis and characterisation of multifunctional salen ligands.

Jane is a trained pianist and also enjoys playing golf in her free time.

Charlotte Pierra

Charlotte joined the Garden Group in May 2017 after completing her first year of engineering school in Materials Sciences at the Polytech Grenoble in France. She spent three months investigating the aluminium catalysed cationic polymerisation of ethyl vinyl ether.

Charlotte is a keen athlete, she practices competitive horse riding and also skiing in winter. During her spare time in Edinburgh, she loved exploring Scotland and enjoyed discovering a new way of life, new habits and new customs.

Leah Walker

Leah has graduated her MChem in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. During her time here she completed a year abroad studying at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili during working on analytical techniques to determine pharmaceutical contaminants in biological matrices. She joined the Garden group for her final year project which includes investigating bimetallic catalysts for the polymerisation of various renewable monomers


Away from University, Leah enjoys going to the gym regularly, travelling and exploring new places and a pint of Guinness in the pub

Harvey Wood

Harvey has completed his BSc (hons) degree in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Harvey joined the Garden Group as part of his final year research project, studying Aluminium-based salen complexes and their role as catalysts in the polymerisation of lactic acid.

Outside of the lab Harvey enjoys playing squash, hockey and listening to music. 

Theona Sucu

Theona has finished her MChem in Chemistry. She spent a year in industry as an Analytical Co-Op, working on qualitative and quantitative analyses on polymer additives at Solvay at the R&I centre. Her project focused on the synthesis of polystyrene mimics from biorenewable feedstocks.


Outside of the lab, Theona enjoys travelling and tucking into the local delicacies of a destination, cooking and spending time with friends and family. 

Annie Rae

Annie joined the Garden group as an MRes student after graduating with a BSc in Chemistry from Kingston University London. Her current project involves research into the preparation of new polymer materials through ring-opening copolymerisation, facilitated by bimetallic catalysts.


In her spare time Annie enjoys walking round the city and going to gigs with her house mates.

Anna Lykkeberg

Anna has just finished the fourth year of her MChem in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and joined the Garden Group for a summer project before going onto an industrial placement year. Her project involves studying heterometallic catalysts for the polymerisation of cyclic esters.

Anna spends her free time taking her dog for long walks and enjoys dancing lindy hop.

Haopeng Sha

Haopeng joined the Garden group as an MChem student after undertaking his 4P project with Dr Jennifer Garden. His current project focuses on homobimetallic magnesium catalyst for ring-opening polymerisation of cyclic esters.


Haopeng enjoys reading novels and watching movies in his spare time.

Megan D'Alton

Megan joined the Garden group for the final year project for MChem. Her current project involves research into lithium catalysts for carbon dioxide/epoxide polymerisation.


Megan in her free time enjoys travelling and playing piano.

Zoé Greindl

Zoé joined the Garden group to complete her final year BSc Project. Her project involves research into the ring opening polymerisation of lactide and caprolactone by aluminium based salen catalysts.


In her spare time, Zoé loves travelling, cooking and spending time with her friends.

Mengfan He

Mengfan completed his MSc in Material Chemistry in 2020 from the University of Edinburgh. He finished the Master project which focused on synthesis and characterisation of salen-derived zinc complexes, and really enjoyed a lovely period time in the Garden group. To be a gift, he designed a logo for the group. Now he is continuing for the PhD at the University of St Andrews to research on Organic Fluorine Chemistry.

Mengfan is keen on painting, art design, visiting the cinema and swimming in his spare time.